Thorough Soil Testing Services

We Can Perform Percolation Tests and Other Soil Tests

When you have any sort of on-site sewage treatment system, it is important that you have the right soil in place. The successful design of your sewage treatment system first involves making sure that a proper site evaluation is complete.
A percolation test is a vital part in conducting a complete site evaluation and making sure that your sewage system can be safely and correctly installed.

Detailed Soil Testing Services

When it comes to your sewage treatment, you want to know your soil is doing its job. If you have the soil that is too coarse, it will have a hard time moving bacteria and nutrients. On the other hand, loam or clay loam soil does an excellent job of making sure that bacteria and nutrients can be removed. It is important that the soil is saturated seasonally but can result in a major backup if the trenches are constructed too deep. Call Young Plumbing & Heating Inc today to learn more.
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